Friday, September 27, 2013

Special Instructions for Our Boxing Monkeys

Online shopping is boring. Convenient, but boring.
Something is definitely missing: the warm "hello" and "good bye", the look into the eyes, the smell of the beautiful blond saleswoman or her... smile.

A few days ago I ordered a set of tools from the well known iFixit website. Business as usual: browse, choose, add to basket, checkout, fill name and address, but then a free text field titled in capitals: SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR OUR BOXING MONKEYS

Great sense of humour, I though. A friendly courtesy from the store, but in the end what do I have to say to the monkeys? Nobody will ever read this! But I gave it a try anyway: "Do it with love! ;)"

Today I got the package. I unboxed it, and, behind all the wrapping, this: