Saturday, June 16, 2012

Honda HR-V Headlamp Polishing

OK, they were also a little bit dirty (I am a fly killer!), but for a €10 kit it was an impressive result!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How I Succeed Every Day.

1. Be very focused on my goal and work on it daily 2. Went to college with someone who makes it big and then hired me 3. Born with significant and unique talent 4. Practice every day 5. Network my way to the top by inviting myself from one lunch to another, trading favors as I go 6. Quietly do my job day in and day out until someone notices me and gives me the promotion I deserve 7. Do the emotional labor of working on things that others fear 8. Notice things, turn them into insights and then relentlessly turn those insights into projects that resonate 9. Hired a great PR firm and get a lot of publicity 10. Work the informational interview angle 11. Perform outrageous acts and say obnoxious things 12. Inherit 13. Redefine my version of success as: whatever I have right now 14. Flit from project to project until I alight on something that works out very quickly and well 15. Being the best-looking person in the room 16. Flirt 17. Telling stories that people care about and spread 18. Contribute more than is expected 19. Giving credit to others 20. Taking responsibility 21. Aggrandize, preferably self 22. Being a jerk and win through intimidation 23. Being a doormat and refuse to speak up or stand up 24. Never hesitate to share a kind word when it's deserved 25. Sue people 26. Treat every gig as an opportunity to create art 27. Cut corners 28. Focus on defeating the competition 29. When dealing with employees, act like Steve. It worked for him, apparently. 30. Persist, always surviving to ship something tomorrow 31. When in doubt, throw a tantrum 32. Have the ability to work harder and more directly than anyone else when the situation demands it 33. Don't rock the boat 34. Rock the boat 35. Don't rock the boat, baby 36. Resort to black hat tactics to get more than your share 37. Work to pay more taxes 38. Work to evade taxes 39. Find typos.
Inspired by Seth's Blog